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The Museu do Relógio (Watch Museum) contains the private collection of António Tavares d`Almeida (1948 - 2012), a native of Serpa (Portugal). It is the only one of its kind the whole Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain). It occupies ten rooms of an old convent built in the 16TH century, in the heart of Serpa`s historic center. In 2011 opened the Watch Museum - Pólo de Évora in Évora at 17 December and the collection was/is splited between the two museums. 


A collection of over 2300 mechanical watches and clocks dating from 1630 till the present. The collection it`s spilt between Serpa and Évora (UNESCO city and 100 km north of Serpa), where the museum has a small branch; Museu do Relógio - Pólo de Évora (Portugal).

Restore Workshop & Shop

The Museum for his self-reliance has three major revenues activities: beside the permanent exhibition the museum has a very well quoted Restoration Workshop for antique clocks and watches. At the shop you can find exclusive itens, including mechanical wristwatches designed and produced annually by the Museum, in tribute to the main cities of Portugal.

Watch Museum - Pólo de Évora


Museum Entrance
Museum Room
Museum Room Nº4
Museum Room Nº1
Edward East
Restore Workshop

Watch Museum - Serpa 


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